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Set in the Australian outback
Release Date, November 26, 2008

Director: Baz Luhrmann
Character: Lady Sarah Ashley

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The Golden Compass(2007)
(the first in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy)

Released:  December 7, 2007
Director: Chris Weitz
Character: Marisa Coulter

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Margot At The Wedding(2007)
Released:  November  16, 2007
Director: Noah Baumbach
Character: Margot

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The Invasion(2007)
Released:  August 17, 2007
Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Character: Carol

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Happy Feet(2006)

Genre:  Animation

Released:   November 2006

Director:  George Miller

Character (voice of):  Norma Jean

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Genre:  Biography/Drama

Released:  October 13, 2006
Director: Steven Shainberg
Diane Arbus

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Genre:  Comedy/Fantasy/Romance

US New York Premiere June 13th 2005
Director: Nora Ephron

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The Interpreter(2005)
World Premiere April 4th, 2005 at Sydney Opera House, Australia.
US Premiere at Tribeca Festival April 19, 2005 .

Sydney Pollack
U.N. Interpreter

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The Stepford Wives(2004)
Director: Frank Oz
Character: Joanna Eberhart

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(World Premiere at the 61st Venice Film Festival 8th September 2004)
North America 5 November 2004. New York Premiere 26 October 2004

Director: Jonathan Glazer
Character: Anna

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Cold Mountain  (2003)
Director:   Anthony Minghella
Character: Ada Monroe

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The Human Stain  (2003)
Director:   Robert Benton
Character: Faunia Farley

Dogville  (2003)
Director: Lars Von Trier
Character: Grace

The Hours (2002)   
Director: Stephen Daldry
Character: Virgina Woolf

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Birthday Girl    (2001)
Director: Jez butterworth
Character: Alice Harford
The Others (2001)
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Character: Grace Stewart

Moulin Rouge (2001)
Director:      Baz Luhrmann
Character: Satine

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Eyes Wide Shut  (1999)
Director:      Stanley Kubrick
Character: Alice Harford
Practical Magic (1998)
Director: Griffin Dunne
Character:   Gillian ('Gilly-Bean') Owens
The Peacemaker (1997)
Director:     Mimi Leder
Character:   Dr Julia Kelly

Portrait of  A Lady  (1996)
Director:      Jane Campion
Character:   Isabel Archer

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The Leading Man (1996)
Director:      John Duigan
Character:   Academy award presenter
To Die For  (1995)
Director:     Gus Van Sant
Character:    Suzanne Stone Maretto
Batman Forever (1995)
Director: Joel Schumacher 
Character:   Dr. Chase Meridian
My Life   (1993)
Director: Bruce Joel Rubin
Character:   Gail Jones
Malice  (1993)
Director:    Harold Becker 
Far And Away    (1992)
Director:      Ron Howard
Character:   Shannon Christie
Billy Bathgate  (1991)
Director:      Robert Benton
Character:   Drew Preston
Flirting    (1991)
Director:      John Duigan
Character:   Nicola Radcliffe
Days Of Thunder (1990)
Director:  Tony Scotti
Character:  Dr. Claire Lewicki
Bangkok Hilton  (1989)
(TV Mini-series)
Director:   Ken Cameron
Character: Katrina Stanton
Dead Calm  (1989)
Director:    Phillip Noyce 
Character: Rae Ingram
Emerald City   (1988)
Director:   Michael Jenkins
Character: Helen Davey
Un’Australiana a Roma(1987)
(An Australian in Rome)
Director: Sergio Martino
Character:   Jill


The Bit Part  (1987)
Director: Brendan Maher       
Character:   Mary McAllister


Winners: Room to Move  (1987)
Director:      John Duigan 
Character:   Carol Trig
Vietnam (1986) TV Mini-series
Director:    John Duigan, Chris Noonan 
Character: Megan Goddard
Nightmaster (1986)
(aka Watch the Shadows Dance)
Director:      Mark Joffe  
Character:   Amy Gabriel
Windrider (1986)
Director:   Vince Monton           
Character:  Jade
Archer's Adventure  (1985)
Director:  Denny Lawrence      
Character:  Catherine Archer
Wills and Burke (1985)
Director:  Bob Weis            
Character:   Julia Matthews

Matthew and Son (1984)
Director:    Gary Conway  
Character:  Bridget Elliot 
Five Mile Creek  (1983-1985)
(TV Series)
Executive Producer:  Douglas Netter 
Producer: Henry Crawford
Character: Annie
A Country Practice (1984)
(TV: 2 episodes)
Executive Producer: James Davern  
Character: Simone Jenkins
BMX Bandits (1983)
(aka Short Wave (USA))
Director:   Brian Trenchard-Smith     
Character: Judy
Chase Through the Night (1983)
Executive Producer: Brendon Lunney
Producer: Jim George
Director: Howard Rubie
Character: Petra

Bush Christmas (1983)
aka Prince and the Great Race

Director:  Henri Safron
Character: Helen



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